TOVA Testing for ADHD

We offer the Test of Variables of Attention T.O.V.A. for ADHD for both children and adults

T.O.V.A. Purpose:
A Quantitative Measurement of Attention and Inhibitory Control to aid in the assessment of ADHD

The TOVA is an FDA–cleared state of the art continuous performance test that provides healthcare professionals with objective measurements of attention and inhibitory control. The T.O.V.A aids in the assessment of, and evaluation of treatment for attention deficits, including attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. T.O.V.A results are available for children and adults (ages 4-80).

Progressive Paths Therapy offers both the Visual T.O.V.A. and the Auditory T.O.V.A. Each take about 21 minutes to complete in our office.

The result of the T.O.V.A alone is not a diagnosis. The results of the T.O.V.A are to be used in a comprehensive evaluation for ADHD. Our therapists at Progressive Paths Therapy can conduct a diagnostic interview session with you to determine if an ADHD diagnosis is accurate for you or not and provide a brief written report of this. This diagnostic interview may include detailed questions/explanations for you about:

*Your personal and family history regarding ADHD symptoms and possible diagnoses of members of your blood family

*Self-report assessments that you fill out on yourself, and that a spouse/partner/loved one, and/or parent can fill out on you

*Review of ADHD symptoms checklist

*Results of the T.OV.A.

*Possible referral for a formal psychological evaluation if recommended

In most cases, we recommend you request the diagnostic interview. ADHD has a complex symptomology. Many factors affect one’s attention and focus including: stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, learning disabilities, substance use/misuse/abuse, family style and organization, etc.

Getting the right diagnosis, treatment plan, and help is important. We at Progressive Paths Therapy want to partner with you to help you on the best path possible for improving your overall mental health and the quality of life you live.

T.O.V.A.  Pricing: for 3 possible scenarios

  1. TOVA test and results: You will schedule to take the TOVA in our office. TOVA results alone are an out of pocket expense which includes the TOVA test and the scored data report with a brief explanation which you may take to your health care provider to aid in a full evaluation process.
    • Visual only: (ages 4-80) $110.00
    • Auditory only: (6- 29yrs) $110.00
    • Both: Discounted price for $200.00


  1. TOVA test and a one-time diagnostic interview session with one of our therapists, including a diagnostic report. This interview will allow the therapist to confirm or disconfirm an ADHD diagnosis as detailed above. It will be 60 min. This can be billed to your health insurance, or you may pay out of pocket:
    • If we are providers for your insurance, this interview session will be billed to your insurance and will be subject to your deductible, copay, and coinsurance of your plan. Plus a discounted out of pocket expense for taking the TOVA of $75.00 for one, $140 for both.
    • OR – you can pay out of pocket for the interview which is $135 plus the discounted out of pocket expense for taking the TOVA of $75.00 for one, $140 for both.
      In this instance if we are Out Of Network with your health insurance we will also provide a “superbill” which is a formal itemized list of services, date of service, therapist, etc. that you can present to your health insurance for accurate accounting of paid health care services and possible reimbursement from your insurance to you directly.


  1. Current clients of Progressive Paths Therapy: TOVA test and a diagnostic interview with your therapist, including a diagnostic report. At any time, you may request a TOVA as part of your services and treatment plan. Please discuss this with your therapist and they will help you get set up to take the TOVA, and schedule the diagnostic interview with you.
    • This diagnostic interview will be billed to your insurance and will be subject to your deductible, copay, and coinsurance of your plan. OR this can be an out of pocket expense at our standard rate of $135 if you are not using health insurance for your therapy sessions.
    • Plus a discounted out of pocket expense for taking the TOVA of $75.00 for one, $140 for both.


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